4evercard Is a More Direct Way to Stay in Touch Than Social Networks

4evercard, the auto-sync digital business card, lets people stay in touch because any time one updates his or her card to reflect job or contact information change, people who received his or her 4evercard would automatically see the updated card without being re-sent the card.

See, this is huge advantage over the traditional business card, which get outdated as soon as one changes job or contact info.

Social Networks Are Not Direct Contact Methods

You might then ask, “Well, but LinkedIn does the same thing because if I change my job, every one can see the updated info there.”

Yes, that’s true, but…

1. People may not be aware of the change of information

They may not take notice of the change of your job title and still contact you through the information they had previously.

2. People no longer have your up-to-date direct contact info

Once you’ve changed your job and therefore your contact methods, people can no longer simply email you or call you up when they need you, and that becomes an inconvenience for people to stay in touch with you

3. People contact you through LinkedIn, but You Don’t Check LinkedIn Mails Frequently

So assume people noticed that you changed company and want to contact you for business opportunities — they have to contact you through LinkedIn mails. But, LinkedIn mails end up in Gmail’s Social tab, so chances are that you simply don’t see them in time.

4. You still need to give people your direct contact info

You always, always need to give people your direct contact info, after they track you down through LinkedIn. Say, you will let the person know “Please contact me at john.smith@mynewjob.com going forward”. That’s because LinkedIn mails is simply not as convenient to use as your regular email.

4evercard = Stay in Touch Through Direct Contact Methods

If you give people 4evercard, the auto-sync digital business card, they can automatically see your up-to-date card as soon as you update your job or contact info. They can simply click the email address to email you directly or copy that into an email program, and therefore can always reach you directly.

In a word, people don’t need to take effort to track you down through LinkedIn — if you give them your 4evercard, they can always reach you directly through your up-to-date job and contact info.

Let contacts always keep in touch with you with no effort! 

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