Use 4evercard, the Free Digital Business Card App, to Manage ALL Contacts in One Place

Over time, each of us has developed connections with many others. The connections mainly fall into three categories:

  • Professional connections
  • Services you use (e.g., handymen, nannies, tutors, restaurants, car wash services)
  • Friends and families

One digital business card app to store all contacts

Currently, many places to manage connections

To stay in touch with them, you are currently using:

  • Business cards for professional connections and services you use
  • LinkedIn for professional connections
  • Facebook for friends and families
  • Address books for all of the above

With 4evercard, ALL connections are managed in one app

Instead of going to the different places, 4evercard, the free digital business card app that also works with friends and families, lets you MANAGE ALL CONNECTIONS IN ONE PLACE!

Here’s why:

Once connected, always stay in touch

People’s contact info is updated through the cloud, so that if you update your info on your end, people that you sent your 4evercard to will see the updated info.

Keep ALL contacts within one app

Even though it’s designed to replace traditional business cards, 4evercard is well suited for connecting with friends and families because of its “Once connected, always stay in touch” nature.

Never lose a card

4evercard is a digital business card, which means the information is always stored there, unless you choose to delete it. This is unlike traditional business cards, which get lost often.

No spamming — 4evercard gives you full control of your connections

Social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter let people that you don’t know see your profiles. 4evercard functions like a business card, only in digital format, which means you need to send people your 4evercard for them to see your contact info.

Contact people directly within the app

As a mobile app, the 4evercard app is integrated with your smartphone, which means you can click a contact’s email address to bring up the email app on your phone, a contact’s phone number to dial that number, and so on.

Use it anytime, anywhere

Because 4evercard is implemented as a mobile app, you can look up your contacts and reach out to them regardless where you are.

Use 4evercard to consolidate ALL your connections now!

Consolidate your communications with people you’d like to stay in touch with takes just a few minutes!

1. Spend five minutes to install the app and create your 4evercard

2. Send your 4evercard to all your professional connections and families/friends

The recipients most likely will create and send their 4evercards back to you. Now you’ll always stay in touch, through ONE app!

Don’t wait! Use the free app to manage ALL connections in one place on your phone:

How does 4evercard, the digital business card work?

By 4evercard Team


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