How Does 4evercard Protect My Privacy?

4evercard ( is a digital business card, which means it functions the same way as traditional business card — only people that you explicitly sent your card to can see your contact information. To make it clearer:

Only People You Sent Your Card to Can See Your Info

Unlike LinkedIn, where people that don’t know you can see your information, with 4evercard, you need to send people your card before they can ever see your contact info — same as how you use traditional business cards.

You Can See Others’ Cards, Without Them Seeing Yours

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Why Should a Full-Time Employee Use 4evercard, the Digital Business Card?

As a full time employee, chances are that you already have a company-issued paper business card. Then why bother using 4evercard ( Here’re the reasons:

4evercard Reflects Up-to-Date Information Regardless of Job Changes

Remember, most employment nowadays are not really long-term. Either you choose to leave the company for a better opportunity or the company finds a way to get you laid off. One way or another, we change jobs from time to time. 4evercard — means forever connected — allows your contacts to always see your up-to-date information, be it job changes or job title changes.

Even if you stay in the same company for a long time, you might get promoted or move to a different role once every 1-2 yrs. How do you update your contacts through traditional business cards? On the other hand, 4evercard allows your contacts to always see your latest job title and organization — if you update such information.

You Need it For Future Career Changes and Growth

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College Students Should Use 4evercard, the Free Digital Business Card, for Job Hunting

If you’re a college or graduate school student looking for jobs or internship, probably you’re thinking about printing your own business cards to hand out to recruiters, hiring managers, or at networking events. Now with 4evercard (, an always-free digital business card mobile app — the first of its kind — you can build your network with no cost and far greater efficiency:

4evercard helps students get hired

Use 4evercard so that people will REMEMBER you better

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4evercard FAQs

4evercard ( is a free digital business card mobile app to fully replace the use of paper business cards. 

Check out Quick Start Guide >>

And read our FAQs:

Can I use my own customized card design?

Yes. You can create your own design using software such as Photoshop, Word, PowerPoint, and so on, save the design as an image file, and upload it through the app.

Can I use my existing card’s design?

Yes. You can either scan your existing business card as an image file and upload it, or simply take a picture of the card using the phone’s own camera.

Can I give my card to many people at once?

Yes. You can give people your 4evercard ID, the unique code associated with your 4evercard account. They can type it on the website or 4evercard app and then see and save your card.

To give card to many at once, you should 1) mass email them the 4evercard ID, 2) print the 4evercard ID on your website, or 3) print the 4evercard ID on a piece of paper at your store so any visitor can see.

Can non-4evercard recipients see my card?

Yes. Any recipient, including non-4evercard, can see your card as long as you send them your card. They will click the link in the invite you sent to them, and see your card right away.

(If they like to keep in touch with you, they will choose to create a 4evercard account to always be able to see your card within their account — but that just adds more convenience for them to see your card any time, and is not a requirement to see your card.)

Can recipients see my card without a smartphone?

Yes. 4evercard has both the Web and mobile app version, so people can see your card on the anywhere.

Can I have multiple 4evercards, one for each of my multiple jobs/businesses?

Yes. It’s simple! Just sign up for multiple 4evercard accounts, each corresponding to one of your jobs/businesses.

Can I view someone’s 4evercard without sending him/her my own card?

Yes. You just let the person send you his/her card. When accepting the card, you should choose NOT to send a card to this person in return — there’s an option to do that when you accept cards.

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Let People Remember You: Smart Digital Business Card

Networking is key to the career growth of all professionals . That’s why we all go to conferences, meet-ups, and local events to get to know new people and expand our professional circles. So far, the most important tool used at networking events is still business card. You exchange business cards with people you meet, and hope that you relationship starts from there.

Paper Business Card = WASTED Networking Opportunities!

But business cards are highly ineffective as a networking tool. Here’s why:

People lose your business cards the moment they go home

It’s very hard to store business cards properly and find them easily later, because they’re little pieces of papers that can be easily lost, hard to go through, easily damageable.

Business cards have very short shelf lives

Nowadays people change jobs and contact information all the time, so maybe in a few short months, the business cards you exchanged already contain outdated information.

People don’t have cards with them at the events

At networking events, oftentimes people either forget to bring the cards or have run out of cards.

Carrying a bunch of cards is inconvenient

Business cards are made of thick papers, and therefore carrying cards, be it yours or the ones you receive from others, is always a pain.

4evercard, the Digital Business Card, Is a Revolutionary Tool to Grow Your Network

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Use 4evercard to Always Stay in Touch with Friends and Families

4evercard ( is designed as a digital business card mobile app to replace traditional business cards. Therefore you might wonder:

“I don’t have a job or business, why should I use a digital business card?”

Here are the answers:

Stay in touch with friends and families, always

Even though 4evercard is positioned as a digital business card platform, you can certainly use it to connect with any one, such as high school classmates, friends, and family members.

Because any time one updates contact information, his or her contacts will see the up-to-date info,4evercard works perfectly for always keeping in touch with friends and families.

You still need to view others’ business cards, even if you don’t need your own

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4evercard vs. CamScanner, Office Lens, and Neat

Many of us have used or heard of document scanning apps such as CamScanner, Office Lens, and Neat. So when it comes to digital business card, how is 4evercard different from them?

These Apps Scan and Store Paper Documents on Your Phone

These apps are not themselves digital business card apps. Instead, they are used to take pictures of paper documents, be it credit cards, membership cards, receipts, and business cards, and save the image onto your smartphones so that you no longer need to carry these papers with you. A great idea!

But when it comes to business cards, they don’t solve the fundamental issue: Continue reading

Five Minutes to Create an 4evercard, Your Digital Business Card, and Use It Forever, for Free

4evercard ( is an always-free digital business card mobile app, used through your iPhone or Android phones, to replace your paper business card.

It takes no more than five minutes to install the 4evercard app and create your digital business card. Better yet, once created, your digital business card never expires — you update your info due to job changes and your contacts will see you up-to-date info!

5 minutes to create your 4evercard – use it forever

Step 1. Enter your information

Open the 4evercard mobile app, enter your information

Enter Information

Step 2. Create your card image — done!

Take a picture of your existing business card or use 4evercard’s default card design to display as the business card image on 4evercard app — now you’re done with card creation. You can now send the card to contacts through emails and LinkedIn invites.

My digital business card

Get Started with Digital Business Card Now!

To start using the free app to replace your business card:

To learn more, see the illustration below for how the 4evercard mobile app works.

4evercard benefits

To learn more: why 4evercard is better than all existing digital card apps

by 4evercard Team


Customers Can Always Find You: Auto-Updating Business Card App!

We all use business cards, because it’s still the most convenient way for people to exchange the business contact information — you usually cannot find contact info on LinkedIn, and as a social network with lots of discussions and news, the LinkedIn user experience is too overwhelming and inconvenient if all you want to do is to contact a particular person.

Business Cards: Ineffective, Costly, Old School!

But, business cards, however well designed, are fundamentally ineffective for networking:

You need to print new cards if your information changes

Every time you have any change, such as company, job title, phone number, and email address, you need to print out new business cards. It costs a lot of money, and takes a lot of time.

A few months later, if you change your information again, you need to go through the same process again.

Lose contact with each other if one of you has job changes

Those that already have you business cards will lose connection with you if you change your company, phone number, and email address.

Cards get thrown away or lost all the time

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Digital Business Card Lets You Always Stay in Touch with Customers

All small businesses heavily depend on giving customers business cards so that customers can contact them when in need. However...

Traditional Business Cards: Inconvenient and Inefficient to Use

Unfortunately, business cards have serious drawbacks: customers are likely to throw them away right away or probably won’t be able find your card when there’s a need to contact you — you’d be lucky if 20% of your customers can find your card when they need your service.

4evercard is a Huge Improvement Over Traditional Business Cards — and Is Free

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