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We developed 4evercard because our company’s mission is to create great user experience to improve people’s lives. Given that, it’s central to our company’s culture to listen to customer feedback — improving the product for you is why we started the business in the first place.

Please leave your feedback by:

Option 1. Email: team@4evercard.net

Option 2. Use the Leave a Reply form below

We might not be able to respond to all your feedback directly, but we’ll always work to improve 4evercard as our response!


2 thoughts on “Leave Feeback

  1. Hi Paul, great question. Yes of course! That’s a fundamental feature of our app — you send your card to others through email or LinkedIn and that person will click a link to accept and sign up for a 4evercard account. Then once he/she downloads the app, your info will just show up to the person.

    In other words, our method of sending cards assumes the other party hasn’t installed 4evercard app yet and make that acceptance process very easy.

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