How to Gain More Customers Faster by Using Free Business Card?

4evercard is a free, auto-sync digital business card that lets people automatically see your most up-to-date business card and always easily find and contact you.

For small businesses and sales people, it’s a superior tool to keep customers coming back to you — find out why customers will¬†always remember you.

Reach Out to Many People at Once!

Unlike traditional business cards, which have to be handed out one at a time, once you’ve created your digital business card, you can give to many people at once, through the use of 4evercard ID.

4evercard ID is a unique code associated with your card. It functions like a key — so any one who has it can type it into 4evercard’s website or mobile app and see and save your digital business card. There’re a few ways you can use it to reach to more people at once:

1. Give card to many at once: Send people your 4evercard ID through mass email

2. Let any one see your card remotely: Put 4evercard ID on website or email signature

3. Let any in-store vistor see it: Print your 4evercard ID on a flyer at your store’s desk or window

Learn more and use digital business card to gain customers

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