4evercard Is Easier to Hand out Than Paper Business Cards

We give you many ways to hand out 4evercard so that no matter where you are, what your situation is, you can send card to ANY ONE in seconds!

hand out digital business cart

Depending on where you are, you can choose one of the methods:

Give Card in Person

Method 1. Type in the person’s email address and send card

The most straightforward method is to have the person type in his email address in the send email invite screen, and then you just click send. The person will receive your card in seconds via email invite.

business card

Method 2. Get the person’s business card first, then send your card

If you don’t want to send the card on the spot — maybe you haven’t decided whether you’d like to give card to this person, you can get that person’s business card, and then tell him/her you’ll send your digital business card after the meeting. When you get a time, simply send the card through email invite — the person’s email address should be on his/her business card.

Give Card Remotely

You can send the person your card through the following methods:

Send business card

Give Card to Many at Once

If you’re a business owner or sales person who needs to give many people your card at once, you can give them your unique 4evercard ID.

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