How to Gain Repeat Business and Build Customer Loyalty Using 4evercard?

What are you doing now to let your customers keep you in mind when they need you in the future? How do you make sure they’re able to contact you and find your address when they think of getting your help?

Business card is a critical tool to achieve customer loyalty:

You give customers your business cards, or simply place the cards at your store so people can take them.

You wish that, once people have your business card, they’ll safely keep it for the future need of doing business with you.

That’s a wrong assumption!

Most of Your Business Cards End Up in a Trash Can!

Most of your business cards end up in a trash can! Here is why:

  • People lose your card the moment they go home
  • They can’t find your card when they need you!
  • Your card is out of date as soon as you change business contact info

Think about how you yourself deal with others’ business cards. You’ve collected business cards all your life, but how many times do you actually keep them? How many times are you able to find a card when you need to contact the person? How much time have you spent on looking for a business card that you thought you had but could no longer find?


This is what happens to your business cards that are handed out to your customers.

4evercard, the Free, Auto-Sync Digital Business Card, Keeps Your Customers Coming back

We’ve been a small business just like you, and feel the pain of using business cards to build customer loyalty, because people won’t keep or find our business cards when they need us.

As a result, we’ve developed 4evercard, the first of its kind — an auto-sync digital business card — to let customers remember you and come back to you.

Give 4evercard to your customers, and then they can:

  • auto sync = people always automatically see your up-to-date business card
  • it’s digital: means people will never lose your card
  • always find you when in need
  • can always easily access your card in one place
  • see your pic to recognize you
  • remember you better for using a cool interactive digital biz card
  • you never run out of cards to give
  • and, it’s always free

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Reach out to More Customers than Using Paper Business Cards

We understand it’s important to have a digital business card that’s easy to hand out. Therefore, we created 4evercard so that you can give it to people any time, anywhere, many at once, or one at a time.

In particular, businesses have a need to quickly hand out their business cards to many people at once. Using 4evercard ID, a unique code associated with your digital business card, achieves this quicker than paper business cards:

  • You can publish the 4evercard ID on your website or email so everyone can save your card
  • You can print the 4evercard ID at your store for people to save your card
  • You can also send the 4evercard ID to your contacts through mass email

Remember, once people get your card, they can easily find it, which is always stored in once place. And they don’t need to be a 4evercard user to see and store your card.

Spend Few Minutes to Create, Use it Forever for FREE!

We try to make this new technology accessible and therefore it’s always free for you to use. It only takes less than 5 minutes to create your digital business card, and you can update it and send to people for free!

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