4evercard Quick Start Guide

Welcome to 4evercard, a revolutionary digital business card + personal contact card! 

With 4evercard’s auto-sync feature — when you update your card, recipients automatically see your updated card — business AND personal contacts can always find and directly contact you. (You can choose to disconnect from contacts later.)

Step 1: Create your card in minutes

Create card from Web, www.4evercard.net/#/create, or on 4evercard mobile app.

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On the mobile app, you can customize the business card design by choosing from many free designs, or use your existing biz card as the card image.

Step 2: Give people your card in seconds

On the mobile app, you can easily send card through email, contact list, or social media. Recipients can then click a link on the invite to see your card. Alternatively, you can give card to multiple recipients at once.

ALL recipients, including non-4evercard card users, can see your card: They can see your card on Web, without having to install the 4evercard mobile app. (They can also choose to install the app and see your card on there.)

Step 3: Receive, view, and save others’ cards

When someone sends you a 4evercard, you’ll receive an email, text message, or social media notice — depending on the invite that person used — and click a link there to view and save the card—then you can always view the up-to-date version of the card at www.4evercard.net as well as the 4evercard mobile app.

You can also organize the cards received into categories such as Friends, Clients, Professional connections, etc., on the mobile app.


How to Give Card to More People Faster?

Oftentimes you’d like to have as many customers and prospects have your 4evercard as possible. By displaying your unique invite link, you can let many people have your card at once.2015-06-06_18-44-25


Suggested wording. You could use the following wording on your marketing materials to get customers access and save your card:

Get our digital business card so that you can ALWAYS easily find and directly contact us:

[place your own unique invite link here]

Your unique invite link can be found when you log into 4evercard.net, assuming you’ve already created your card.


4evercard FAQs

4evercard (www.4evercard.net) is a free digital business card mobile app to fully replace the use of paper business cards. 

Check out Quick Start Guide >>

And read our FAQs:

Can I use my own customized card design?

Yes. You can create your own design using software such as Photoshop, Word, PowerPoint, and so on, save the design as an image file, and upload it through the app.

Can I use my existing card’s design?

Yes. You can either scan your existing business card as an image file and upload it, or simply take a picture of the card using the phone’s own camera.

Can I give my card to many people at once?

Yes. You can give people your 4evercard ID, the unique code associated with your 4evercard account. They can type it on the website or 4evercard app and then see and save your card.

To give card to many at once, you should 1) mass email them the 4evercard ID, 2) print the 4evercard ID on your website, or 3) print the 4evercard ID on a piece of paper at your store so any visitor can see.

Can non-4evercard recipients see my card?

Yes. Any recipient, including non-4evercard, can see your card as long as you send them your card. They will click the link in the invite you sent to them, and see your card right away.

(If they like to keep in touch with you, they will choose to create a 4evercard account to always be able to see your card within their account — but that just adds more convenience for them to see your card any time, and is not a requirement to see your card.)

Can recipients see my card without a smartphone?

Yes. 4evercard has both the Web and mobile app version, so people can see your card on the anywhere.

Can I have multiple 4evercards, one for each of my multiple jobs/businesses?

Yes. It’s simple! Just sign up for multiple 4evercard accounts, each corresponding to one of your jobs/businesses.

Can I view someone’s 4evercard without sending him/her my own card?

Yes. You just let the person send you his/her card. When accepting the card, you should choose NOT to send a card to this person in return — there’s an option to do that when you accept cards.

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