Professional? Business? Consultant? All Can Use a Revolutionary Networking Tool

4evercard ( is a digital business card mobile app — the first of its kind — that brings revolutionary improvements to traditional business cards:

The key issue of traditional business cards is that once a change happens — job, job title, or contact info — the card becomes completely useless and those that exchanged the cards lose contact as a result. You then need to re-print business cards, re-pay for them, re-connect, re-…

On the contrary, a pure digital business card usedthrough smartphones, 4evercard provides a contact method that’s “once connected, always stay in touch“– any updates made to 4evercard information is synced through cloud and displayed on users’ smartphones. Additional 4evercard benefits include:

  • A few minutes to create, forever in use
  • Exchange cards without in-person meetings
  • No need to print, carry, and pay for business cards
  • Never lose a card by accident
  • You have control over your connections
  • Use anywhere, any time

See How 4evercard Drastically Improve Your Networking:

Due to its fundamental advantages over traditional business cards, 4evercard benefits all kinds of people with professional, business, and personal connections.

Employees: Achieve sustained career growth through long-term connections

Freelancers/consultants: Improve networking effectiveness and rapidly grow client base

Businesses: Connect with and market to customers more effectively

Students looking for jobs: Reach out to and stand out in front of hiring managers

Stay-at-home moms and dads: Always stay in touch with friends and families

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