Digital Business Card Lets You Always Stay in Touch with Customers

All small businesses heavily depend on giving customers business cards so that customers can contact them when in need. However...

Traditional Business Cards: Inconvenient and Inefficient to Use

Unfortunately, business cards have serious drawbacks: customers are likely to throw them away right away or probably won’t be able find your card when there’s a need to contact you — you’d be lucky if 20% of your customers can find your card when they need your service.

4evercard is a Huge Improvement Over Traditional Business Cards — and Is Free

4evercard (, the digital business card mobile app, is a free mobile app to replace paper business cards.

It offers small business owners immeasurable advantages over traditional business cards:

Using 4evercard makes your small business stand out

Because 4evercard is a digital business card used through smartphones, simply sending your clients your 4evercard is a very strong indication that you’re on top of the latest technology, a quality that sets you apart from your peers.

It’s free — means no more cost associated with business cards

You no longer need to pay for printing business cards. Never lose a contact’s card 4evercards are stored digitally, so you will never lose a contact’s card, nor will they lose yours.

Your clients always see your up-to-date business contact info

Every time you update your card due to job changes, your contacts will automatically see the updated version on their 4evercard apps, and vice versa.

Your clients can always, always find you

Once you send your 4evercard to your customers (e.g., through emailing them), it will be stored digitally on their iPhones or Android phones, so they will never lose your card and can always find you when in need of your service.

Turn Your Existing Business Card into 4evercard — As Easy As Taking a Picture

We make it insanely easy for you to convert you existing business card into 4evercard:

On the 4evercard app, simply 1) enter your business contact info and then 2) take a picture of your card, which will then be displayed as your card image on the 4evercard app (see screen shot below. Then you’re with creating your 4evercard.

Rapidly grow customer base: give card to many people at once

Unlike traditional biz cards, which can only be handed out one a time, you can give card to many customers and prospects at once to rapidly grow your customer base.

The next step after creating the card? You can then send your card to your customers (through emails, LinkedIn, and contact list on your phone)!

Use the free 4evercard app to so that your customers can always find and contact you:

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