Why Should You Replace Your Business Card with 4evercard?

We all LOVE business cards — to network, to find jobs, to stay in touch with clients, to call the handyman or nanny we used before and appreciated, and to call our favorite restaurants to make reservations.

On the other hand, we all HATE business cards -- here's why:

traditional business card sucks

We're a group of small business owners and professionals who also experienced these frustrations when using business cards. That's why we developed the always up-to-date digital business card, 4evercard:

Use 4evercard to replace biz card

4evercard = Never Let People Lose Contact with You

Developed by our Silicon Valley based startup, Turflite Inc., 4evercard is an always-free, all-in-one digital business card mobile app to completely replace the use of paper business cards:

  • All-in-one: create, send, and receive cards, on one app
  • Never lose contact: always see each other's up-to-date info
  • No more paper: digitally create, exchange, view, and store cards
  • Web and mobile app: use it any time, anywhere
  • 5 minutes to create your card, use it forever, always free

How it works:

How 4evercard works

See a real example: our own 4evercard

Click the link below to view our team's 4evercard. That would give you a sense how your own card would look like to recipients.


Easier to hand out than paper biz cards

It takes seconds to hand out 4evercard, whether you do it in person or remotely, one by one by many at a time. All recipients -- including non-4evercard users -- can see your card. Better yet, they don't need an app to view your card.

give digital biz card

Easier to directly contact than social networks

You might think business cards are outdated because people can stay in touch through Facebook and LinkedIn nowadays. That's true.

Yet, 4evercard let's people to directly contact each other through up-to-date contact information, and therefore make it far more convenient to stay in touch.digital biz card supports direct contact methods

First of its kind -- not just another business card scanner

You might have heard of many so-called "digital business card" apps, such as CamScanner, Evercontact, and Neat, and wonder what's so unique with 4evercard.

Well, all existing apps are not truly digital, in that they simply convert paper business cards into a digital format to store on your phone. They don't address the fundamental issue with paper business cards:

What if my contacts have changed jobs or contact information? 

4evercard doesn't scan paper business cards -- it's created as digital business card in the first place, and therefore information updates are digitally synced in real time across contacts through cloud.

The only "All-In-One" digital business card solution

And unlike all previous digital business card solutions, which require you to go to multiple places/software/websites to manage business cards, 4evercard is the only all-in-one digital business card solution:all-in-one biz card

4evercard = Digital Business Card + Personal Contact Card

Because it is free to use, has no paper to carry, and lets people see each other's up-to-date direct contact info (you can choose to disconnect from people you no longer like), 4evercard lets all of us network and stay in touch more effectively.

Besides, it can be used for keeping in touch with friends and families as well.

Read the slides to fully appreciate


Start now, takes < 5 mins, use it 4ever!

Try 4evercard right now to instantly improve your networking. It takes minutes to create your card -- and use it forever, for free.

You can even convert your existing business card into 4evercard, taking a picture of it to use as your card image!

Install the app to create and send card--recipients don't need an app to see your card:

Google play       iOS app store

By 4evercard Team | www.4evercard.net | team@4evercard.net