Why Should a Full-Time Employee Use 4evercard, the Digital Business Card?

As a full time employee, chances are that you already have a company-issued paper business card. Then why bother using 4evercard (www.4evercard.net)? Here’re the reasons:

4evercard Reflects Up-to-Date Information Regardless of Job Changes

Remember, most employment nowadays are not really long-term. Either you choose to leave the company for a better opportunity or the company finds a way to get you laid off. One way or another, we change jobs from time to time. 4evercard — means forever connected — allows your contacts to always see your up-to-date information, be it job changes or job title changes.

Even if you stay in the same company for a long time, you might get promoted or move to a different role once every 1-2 yrs. How do you update your contacts through traditional business cards? On the other hand, 4evercard allows your contacts to always see your latest job title and organization — if you update such information.

You Need it For Future Career Changes and Growth

Many of us will be a freelancer, independent consultant, or business owner at one point in our lives. That means, with traditional business cards, your contacts won’t know that you’re now on your own, and therefore you lose contact to the past connections, which are a huge resource when you start your own business.

With 4evercard, all your contacts know that you have your own practice as soon as you update your card. You can also choose to send them a notification to announce the career change.

LinkedIn Can’t Replace Business Cards

We as professionals all use LinkedIns, but most of us also use business cards. That means both have their own unique uses: LinkedIn is a social network where people come together to discuss, brainstorm, and showcase their own experience; business cards, on the other hand, lists one’s formal job title, up-to-date company information, as well as
all the contact information — it’s simply more direct to pick up a business card in
contacting that person than using LinkedIn.

That’s why 4evercard, a better alternative to traditional business card, makes it easier than LinkedIn to get people to stay in touch with you and to contact people.

Take a Picture of Your Existing Business Card, and You’ve Made Your 4evercard

We’ve made incorporating your existing company issued business card very easy. Simply fill in your job information, and take a picture of your paper business card to display as your 4evercard card image, and you’re done (see screen shot below)!

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Learn more and use the free 4evercard app to replace your business card: www.4evercard.net

by 4evercard Team

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