Why Should Freelancers and Consultants Use 4evercard, the Free Digital Business Card?

If you’re a freelancer or independent consultant, printing your own business cards is among the first steps of starting your practice. Now with 4evercard (www.4evercard.net), an always-free digital business card mobile app — the first of its kind — you can connect with your clients with no cost and far greater efficiency:

Using 4evercard makes you stand out

Because 4evercard is a digital business card used through a mobile app, simply sending clients your 4evercard is a way for people to remember you and think of you as a savvy professional and business person, as you’re using a ground-breaking technology instead of traditional business card.

Your clients always see your up-to-date business contact info

Every time you update your card due to job changes, your contacts will automatically see the updated version on their 4evercard apps, and vice versa.

No more paying for printing business cards

You no longer need to pay for printing business cards. Over time, the cost and time saving is quite significant and contributes to your bottom line.

Your clients will never lose your contact info

4evercards are stored digitally, so you will never lose a contact’s card, nor will they lose yours.

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Create and send card, always FREE

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