Use 4evercard to Always Stay in Touch with Friends and Families

4evercard ( is designed as a digital business card mobile app to replace traditional business cards. Therefore you might wonder:

“I don’t have a job or business, why should I use a digital business card?”

Here are the answers:

Stay in touch with friends and families, always

Even though 4evercard is positioned as a digital business card platform, you can certainly use it to connect with any one, such as high school classmates, friends, and family members.

Because any time one updates contact information, his or her contacts will see the up-to-date info,4evercard works perfectly for always keeping in touch with friends and families.

You still need to view others’ business cards, even if you don’t need your own

Other people, such as handymen, nannies, plumbers, store owners, give you their business cards all the time so that you can contact them.

That’s why when people send their 4evercards to you, you still need to use the 4evercard app to store and view their information, even if you don’t create and send your own card.

Because 4evercard never expires, it will help you find jobs in the future

Life is long, and 4evercard never expires — once people are connected through 4evercard, they will always stay in touch.

That means when you think of finding a job or opening up you own business, the contacts that you’ve connected through the 4evercard app will be of great value at that time.

You really don’t know when networking is needed, so why not have it ready through 4evercard?

Start using 4evercard to connect with friends and families:

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then you can always stay in touch with friends and families

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by 4evercard Team



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