College Students Should Use 4evercard, the Free Digital Business Card, for Job Hunting

If you’re a college or graduate school student looking for jobs or internship, probably you’re thinking about printing your own business cards to hand out to recruiters, hiring managers, or at networking events. Now with 4evercard (, an always-free digital business card mobile app — the first of its kind — you can build your network with no cost and far greater efficiency:

4evercard helps students get hired

Use 4evercard so that people will REMEMBER you better

Because 4evercard is a digital business card used through smartphones, simply sending people your 4evercard is a way for people to remember you, as you’re using a ground-breaking technology instead of traditional business card.

Your contacts always see your up-to-date contact info

Every time you update your card due to job changes, your contacts will automatically see the updated version on their 4evercard apps, and vice versa. As a student, you might change your information frequently — with 4evercard you will never need to worry that people can no longer find you.

Make it easier for hiring mangers and recruiters to contact you

Once you send your 4evercard to people, they can easily find your card on their phone, through the 4evercard app, and they can call you directly email or call you by clicking contact info contained in your 4evercard!

Don’t spend a penny on business cards!

There’s no need to pay for printing business cards, ever, because 4evercard is an always-free digital business card — free to create and free to update.

Recruiters will never lose your contact info

When you give recruiters your paper business cards, chances are they might lose your card later because they receive so many every day. Stored digitally, once your 4evercard is received by them, it will always stay on their smartphones.

See how 4evercard works:

4evercard, Your Digital Business Card from Turflite

Learn more: 4evercard vs. traditional business card

Start now to INSTANTLY boost your job hunting!

You should try 4evercard right now to instantly expand your network and reach out to more recruiters — takes less than 5 minutes to create and send your card to people, including non-4evercard users, and it’s always free to use and update.

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