Why Business Cards Hurt Your Networking?


If you ever used business card, you know how frustrating they can be: People throw away you cards, can’t find your card, once you change job the cards are no longer useful, you forget to carry cards when needing to hand out, it costs money to print and re-print, …

We also felt the pain, and that’s why we developed 4evercard to replace business cards:


Read on: why 4evercard is the only “all-in-one” digital business card

4evercard Quick Start Guide

Welcome to 4evercard, a revolutionary digital business card + personal contact card! 

With 4evercard’s auto-sync feature — when you update your card, recipients automatically see your updated card — business AND personal contacts can always find and directly contact you. (You can choose to disconnect from contacts later.)

Step 1: Create your card in minutes

Create card from Web, www.4evercard.net/#/create, or on 4evercard mobile app.

iOS app store    Google play

On the mobile app, you can customize the business card design by choosing from many free designs, or use your existing biz card as the card image.

Step 2: Give people your card in seconds

On the mobile app, you can easily send card through email, contact list, or social media. Recipients can then click a link on the invite to see your card. Alternatively, you can give card to multiple recipients at once.

ALL recipients, including non-4evercard card users, can see your card: They can see your card on Web, without having to install the 4evercard mobile app. (They can also choose to install the app and see your card on there.)

Step 3: Receive, view, and save others’ cards

When someone sends you a 4evercard, you’ll receive an email, text message, or social media notice — depending on the invite that person used — and click a link there to view and save the card—then you can always view the up-to-date version of the card at www.4evercard.net as well as the 4evercard mobile app.

You can also organize the cards received into categories such as Friends, Clients, Professional connections, etc., on the mobile app.


Professional? Business? Consultant? All Can Use a Revolutionary Networking Tool

4evercard (www.4evercard.net) is a digital business card mobile app — the first of its kind — that brings revolutionary improvements to traditional business cards:

The key issue of traditional business cards is that once a change happens — job, job title, or contact info — the card becomes completely useless and those that exchanged the cards lose contact as a result. You then need to re-print business cards, re-pay for them, re-connect, re-…

On the contrary, a pure digital business card usedthrough smartphones, 4evercard provides a contact method that’s “once connected, always stay in touch“– any updates made to 4evercard information is synced through cloud and displayed on users’ smartphones. Additional 4evercard benefits include:

  • A few minutes to create, forever in use
  • Exchange cards without in-person meetings
  • No need to print, carry, and pay for business cards
  • Never lose a card by accident
  • You have control over your connections
  • Use anywhere, any time

See How 4evercard Drastically Improve Your Networking:

Due to its fundamental advantages over traditional business cards, 4evercard benefits all kinds of people with professional, business, and personal connections.

Employees: Achieve sustained career growth through long-term connections

Freelancers/consultants: Improve networking effectiveness and rapidly grow client base

Businesses: Connect with and market to customers more effectively

Students looking for jobs: Reach out to and stand out in front of hiring managers

Stay-at-home moms and dads: Always stay in touch with friends and families

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By 4evercard Team


How to Give Card to More People Faster?

Oftentimes you’d like to have as many customers and prospects have your 4evercard as possible. By displaying your unique invite link, you can let many people have your card at once.2015-06-06_18-44-25


Suggested wording. You could use the following wording on your marketing materials to get customers access and save your card:

Get our digital business card so that you can ALWAYS easily find and directly contact us:

[place your own unique invite link here]

Your unique invite link can be found when you log into 4evercard.net, assuming you’ve already created your card.


How to Gain More Customers Faster by Using Free Business Card?

4evercard is a free, auto-sync digital business card that lets people automatically see your most up-to-date business card and always easily find and contact you.

For small businesses and sales people, it’s a superior tool to keep customers coming back to you — find out why customers will always remember you.

Reach Out to Many People at Once!

Unlike traditional business cards, which have to be handed out one at a time, once you’ve created your digital business card, you can give to many people at once, through the use of 4evercard ID. Continue reading

4evercard Is a More Direct Way to Stay in Touch Than Social Networks

4evercard, the auto-sync digital business card, lets people stay in touch because any time one updates his or her card to reflect job or contact information change, people who received his or her 4evercard would automatically see the updated card without being re-sent the card.

See, this is huge advantage over the traditional business card, which get outdated as soon as one changes job or contact info.

Social Networks Are Not Direct Contact Methods

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How to Gain Repeat Business and Build Customer Loyalty Using 4evercard?

What are you doing now to let your customers keep you in mind when they need you in the future? How do you make sure they’re able to contact you and find your address when they think of getting your help?

Business card is a critical tool to achieve customer loyalty:

You give customers your business cards, or simply place the cards at your store so people can take them.

You wish that, once people have your business card, they’ll safely keep it for the future need of doing business with you.

That’s a wrong assumption!

Most of Your Business Cards End Up in a Trash Can!

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Use 4evercard, the Free Digital Business Card App, to Manage ALL Contacts in One Place

Over time, each of us has developed connections with many others. The connections mainly fall into three categories:

  • Professional connections
  • Services you use (e.g., handymen, nannies, tutors, restaurants, car wash services)
  • Friends and families

One digital business card app to store all contacts

Currently, many places to manage connections

To stay in touch with them, you are currently using:

  • Business cards for professional connections and services you use
  • LinkedIn for professional connections
  • Facebook for friends and families
  • Address books for all of the above

With 4evercard, ALL connections are managed in one app

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